Our man Dave Lewis has a great post on CSO Online, When Disaster Comes Calling, about the importance of making sure your disaster recovery plan actually can help you when you have, uh, a disaster. Folks don’t always remember that sometimes success is living to fight another day.

At one organization that I worked for the role of disaster recovery planning fell to an individual that had neither the interest nor the wherewithal to accomplish the task. This is a real problem for many companies and organizations. The fate of their operations can, at times, reside in the hands of someone who is disinclined to properly perform the task.

Sounds like a recipe for failure to me. I would say the same goes for incident response. Far too many organizations just don’t put in the time, effort, or urgency to make sure they are prepared. Until they get religion – when their business is down or their darkest secrets show up on a forum in Eastern Europe. Or you can get a bit more proactive by asking some questions and making sure someone in your organization knows the answers.

So what is the actionable take away to had from this post? Take some time to review your organizations disaster recovery plans. Are backups taken? Are they tested? Are they stored offsite? Does the disaster recovery plan even exist anywhere on paper? Has that plan been tested with the staff? No plan survives first contact with the “enemy” but, it is far better to be well trained and prepared than to be caught unawares.

What Dave said.