One of the coolest things about how we work at Securosis is our Totally Transparent Research approach. We always post our work to the blog first and let you folks have at it. In many cases it gets poked and prodded, ridiculed, and broken down. It’s certainly tough on the ego, but in the end makes the work better.

So we are now asking for more help as we enter Phase 2 of our Malware Analysis Quant research. As we described over the weekend, Phase 1 resulted in a nice (not so) little paper breaking down the process map for studying malware infections. Now we have to match up theory against reality. And thus the MAQ survey. As with all our surveys, we have set it up so you can take it anonymously, and all the raw results (anonymized, in spreadsheet format) will be released after our analysis. By the way, unlike other folks posting surveys, we don’t know the answers before we post the survey.

Click here to take the survey, and please spread the word. We know from our last few surveys that we need to consider the time you are taking to help, so we kept this one pretty short. We would be surprised if it takes you more than 10-15 minutes.

We understand filling out surveys is a pain in the behind, so we are providing an incentive. We will give 3 $100 Amazon gift cards to lucky participants. You don’t need to provide an email address to take the survey, but you do to be entered into the drawing. We are also tracking where we get our responses from, so if you take the survey in response to this post, please use Securosis. as your source code. If you repost the link you can make up your own code and email it to us. We’ll let you know how many people responded to your referral. If you generate sufficient response we will be happy to send you your keycode’s slice of the data.

Thanks again for your help. We’ll keep the survey open at least 2 weeks and then begin analysis. Again, here is the link:

Photo credit: “Survey says…” originally uploaded by hfabulous