You may have noticed our posting was down a bit this week.

Okay, pretty much non-existent. But take a look at the links in this Summary for what we have been reading and thinking about.

This is turning out to be the busiest end-of-year I can remember for us. We always compress some things in Q4 as people use up end-of-year budget, but this year it is really hitting hard… and I am absolutely loving it. I have 3 papers to finish up before the end of the year, all of them on topics I am extremely interested in. Plus travel nearly every week. It will, of course, run me into the ground, but it looks like there will be plenty of time to remind the kids what I look like over the holidays, when I can bribe them.

Our one post this week was Mike’s Incite, Youth is Wasted on the Young. While that is true, in my case I think age is wasted on the middle-aged.

I didn’t barge out of college with a checklist of life goals quite like Mike. My graduation was more of a whimper. I spent 8 years as an undergrad, starting off in aerospace engineering and Navy ROTC with a clear path to being an astronaut, leaving as an itinerant paramedic and IT pro with a degree in history and an almost-finished second major in molecular biology.

I don’t, for an instant, feel that I wasted my youth, missed opportunities, or failed to work to my peak potential. I needed to develop a lot as a person, like everyone, but managed to mostly avoid the deep pains and frustrations that Mike seems to have encountered. This wasn’t some genius superpower, but some incredible acts of fortune that brought amazing friends into my life to help me along. Martial arts also played a major role by developing self-awareness. That said, I did have a couple doozies, especially involving the finer gender, but nothing that didn’t launch me into something even more interesting.

Age is wasted on the middle-aged because I have nearly as much enthusiasm, see just as much opportunity, but lack the freedom to pursue it as aggressively. I am not willing to risk my family’s lifestyle and home, and so am forced to proceed at a more methodical pace – which annoys the hell out of my 27-year-old self-image.

But I don’t look at this with regret. I took full advantage of the opportunities I had at 27, and while I sometimes itch for more in my 40s, I know exactly what I would have to sacrifice to achieve them quickly, and I prefer this life. Besides, I am still egotistical enough to think I will achieve all my goals in time.

And don’t go thinking I’m all zen or anything. Some of this bugs the hell out of me on a daily basis, but not to the point where I freak out over it. I suppose that’s progress… and sleep deprivation.

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