This morning I published a column over at Dark Reading that kicked off some cool comments on Twitter. Since, you know, no one leaves blog comments anymore.

The article is the upshot from various frustrations that have annoyed me lately. To be honest, I could have summarized the entire thing as “grow the f* up”. I’m just as tired of the “security is failing” garbage as I am with ridonkulous fake ROI models, our obsession with threats as the only important metric, and the inability of far too many security folks to recognize operational realities.

Since I’m trying to be better about linking to major articles, here’s an excerpt:

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing in the security community lately. Complaints about compliance, vendors and the industry, or the general short-sightedness of those we work for who define our programs based on the media and audit results. Now we whine about developers ignoring us, executives mandating support for iPads we can’t control (while we still use the patently-insecureable Windows XP) executives who don’t always agree with our priorities, or bad guys coming after us personally.

We’re despondent over endless audit and assessment cycles, FUD, checklists, and half-baked products sold for fully-baked prices; with sales guys targeting our bosses to circumvent our veto.

My response? Get over it. These are the table stakes folks, and if you aren’t up for the game here’s a dollar for the slot machines.