Firestarter: Wanted Posters and SleepyCon

By Rich

We apologize for the quality of this week’s show… but Rich is on the road and can’t seem to understand the word ‘bandwidth’. Assuming you are willing to put up with us, watch us amuse ourselves over FBI wanted posters with Chinese army members on them. Then we debate the sometimes-sorry state of 95% of the 863 security cons in the world.

The audio-only version is up too.

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Thanks guys for taking the time out of your busy days, especially when traveling. Always looking forward to the Firestarter.

I’m torn on the issue of many security conferences. On one hand it is obviously desirable to spread information as widely as possible and enable folks that might not have the means to go to some of the bigger conferences. On the other hand, there isn’t really a lot of value when you try to organize a ‘Mini Blackhat’ for 200 people. You are not getting the top speaker, you are not getting the quality across the board.

I wish more conferences would focus on one specific area instead of being the ‘one stop security conf shop’.

Additionally we should try to have security tracks during existing non-security conferences. We are always talking about ‘embedding security’ and that security is not an after thought. And yet here we are with security only conferences attended mostly by security professionals.

By Marco Tietz

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