Security Operations, SecOps for short, has been one of the more difficult security domains to  modernize for cloud. It requires a combination of new subject matter expertise, new technologies, process updates, and even a slightly different mindset. Cloud impacts SecOps in ways both obvious and subtle, and because most organizations still have datacenters and offices, teams need to add new skills and update operations while still supporting everything already on their plates. It’s a daunting challenge, but one that can be made much easier to tackle by distilling down, into the core of how cloud changes things, and taking lessons from the successes of early adopters. 

This paper will detail the impact of cloud on SecOps, review the core technical capabilities needed to respond, and highlight techniques for successfully modernizing security operations to support cloud operations. We will finish up with example processes you can use as templates for your own operations.


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Disclosure: the author is partly employed at FireMon but this content was developed and posted independently and reviewed and edited by non-FireMon personnel. The content was originally posted as a blog series at Security Boulevard.