So you might have heard there’s this thing called ‘Stuxnet’. I was thinking it’s like the new Facebook or something. Or maybe more like Twitter, since the politicians seem to like it, except Sarah Palin who is totally more into Facebook.

Anyway, that’s what I thought until I realized Stuxnet must be a person. Some really bad dude with some serious frequent flier miles – they seem to be all over Iran, China, and India. (Which isn’t easy – I had to get visas for the last two and even a rush job takes 2-3 days unless you live next to the embassy). I know this because earlier today I tweeted:

Crap. I just watched stuxnet drive off with my car flipping me the bird. Knew I should have gotten lojack.

Then a bunch of people responded:

@kdawson: @rmogull Funny, though I would have pictured Stuxnet as more the Studebaker type.

@akraut: @rmogull The downside is, Stuxnet can still get your car even after you disable the starter.

@st0rmz: @rmogull I heard Stuxnet was running for president with drop database as his running mate.

@geoffbelknap: @rmogull Haven’t you seen Fight Club? Turns out you and stuxnet are the same person…

That would explain a lot. Especially why my soap smells so bad. But I don’t know how I could pull it off… some random company that promises visas for China has my passport, so it isn’t like I’m able to leave the country. I’m pretty sure I can trust them – the site looked pretty professional, it only crashed once, and there’s a 1-800 number. Besides, it was one of the top 3 Bing results for “China visa” so it has to be safe.

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Rich, nice update! It seems worth amplifying that DLP Light is going to give you multiple reporting points, requiring you to work with each product’s reporting output or console to see what’s going on. SIEM is a solution, but to provide the simplicity the typical DLP Light user might need, the SIEMs are going to need to provide pre-built correlation rules across the DLP Light components.