New technologies scare some people. And the cloud is scaring lots of people. They worry about how data resides within networks they don’t control. They worry that attackers could compromise a multi-tenant environment. They worry they don’t have the tools or techniques to provide equivalent security to what they already have in their traditional data centers.

It turns out they don’t really need to worry.

But for those ready, willing, and able to step forward into the future today, the cloud is waiting to break the traditional rules of how technology has been developed, deployed, scaled, and managed.

Building Resilient Cloud Network Architectures builds on our Pragmatic Security Cloud and Hybrid Networks research, focusing on cloud-native network architectures that provide security and availability infeasible in a traditional data center. The key is that cloud computing provides architectural options which are either impossible or economically infeasible in traditional data centers, enabling greater protection and better availability.


We would like to thank Resilient Systems, an IBM Company, for licensing the content in this paper. We built the paper using our Totally Transparent Research model, leveraging what we’ve learned building cloud applications over the past 4 years.

Download: Building Resilient Cloud Network Architectures