Our newest paper, A Complete Guide to Enterprise Container Security, is a full update of our previous research on container security. A lot has happened over the last 18 months, which prompted a significant rewrite of our original content. As more organizations accept that containers are now the common media for applications, the platform focus is shifting to containers, with steps taken at each stage of the container lifecycle to ensure what actually goes into production is fully tested.

To give you a flavor for the content, we cover the following:

Containers scare the hell out of security pros because they are so opaque. The burden of securing containers falls across Development, Operations, and Security teams – but none of these groups always knows how to tackle their issues. Security and development teams may not even be fully aware of the security problems they face, as security is typically ignorant of the tools and technologies developers use, and developers don’t always know what risks to look for. Container security extends beyond containers to the entire build, deployment, and runtime environments.

And the container security space has changed substantially since our initial research 18-20 months back. Security of the orchestration manager has become a primary concern, and cloud deployments change the entire focus, which cause organizations rely more heavily on the eco-systems to deploy and manage applications at scale. We have seen a sharp increase in adoption of container services (PaaS) from various cloud vendors, which changes how organizations need to approach security. We reached forward a bit in our first container security paper, covering build pipeline security issues because we felt that was a hugely under-served area, but over the last 18 months DevOps practitioners have taken note, and this has become the top question we get. The rapid change of pace in this market means it’s time for a refresh.

If you worry about container security this is a good primer on all aspects of how code is built, bundled, containerized, and deployed. We would like to thank Aqua Security and Tripwire for licensing this research and participating in some of our initial discussions. As always we welcome comments and suggestions. If you have questions please feel free to email us: info at securosis.com.

Download a copy of the paper here: Securosis_BuildingContainerSecProgram_2018.pdf.