Is it time? Are you waving the white flag? Has your SIEM failed to meet expectations despite significant investment? If you are questioning whether your existing product or service can get the job done, you are not alone. You likely have some battle scars from the difficulty of managing, scaling, and actually doing something useful with SIEM. Given the rapid evolution of SIEM/Log Management offerings – and the evolution of requirements, with new application models and this cloud thing – you should be wondering whether a better, easier, and less expensive solution meets your needs.

Security Management 2.0: Time to Replace Your SIEM? takes a brutally candid look at triggers for considering a new security management platform, walks through each aspect of the decision, and presents a process to migrate – if the benefits outweigh the risks. This includes figuring out what your requirements are, whether your existing platform can meets them, and if not how to select a new platform to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. Here is the table of contents, so you can get an idea of the depth of the paper.

As you can see, it’s pretty comprehensive. We would like to thank Dell Secureworks, Nitro Security, Q1 Labs, and Tenable Network Security for sponsoring the research.

Download: Security Management 2.0: Time to Replace Your SIEM?