Despite having published a bunch of research over the years about SIEM, it’s still a very misunderstood and under utilized technology. Lots of organizations aggregate their logs (you can thank PCI-DSS for that), but not enough actually use their SIEM effectively. And it’s not like you can just look at some other shiny technology to replace the SIEM:

Security monitoring needs to be a core, fundamental, aspect of every security program. SIEM — in various flavors, using different technologies and deployment architectures — is how you do security monitoring. So it’s not about getting rid of the technology — it’s a question of how to get the most out of existing investments, and ensure you can handle modern advanced threats.

In the SIEM Kung Fu paper, we tell you what you need to know to get the most out of your SIEM, and solve the problems you face today by increasing your capabilities (the promised Kung Fu).


We would like to thank Intel Security for licensing the content in this paper. Our unique Totally Transparent Research model allows us to do objective and useful research and still pay our bills, so we’re thankful to all of the companies that license our research.

Download: SIEM Kung Fu (PDF)