Endpoint Security is a pretty broad topic. Most folks associate it with traditional anti-virus or even the newfangled endpoint security suites. In our opinion, looking at the issue just from the perspective of the endpoint agent is myopic. To us, endpoint security is as much a program as anything else.

In this paper we discuss endpoint security from a fundamental blocking and tackling perspective. We start with identifying the exposures and prioritizing remediation, then discuss specific security controls (both process and product), and also cover the compliance and incident response aspects.

If you are trying to understand how to comprehensively protect your endpoint devices, this paper will provide a great perspective and allow you to put all your defenses into context. We assembled this document from the Endpoint Security Fundamentals series posted to the blog in early April, all compiled together, professionally edited, and prettified.

Special thanks to Lumension Security for licensing the report.

Download: Endpoint Security Fundamentals (PDF)